The cooler months are approaching. Now is the time to have fall maintenance performed on your heating system to ensure it delivers the heat you and your family need safely and reliably.

  • We check all of the components of your heating system thoroughly and ensure it is in top-performance condition. Our maintenance includes a complete operating and safety check. Also, we check your carbon monoxide detector.
  • A clean heating system is an effective heating system. We check and clean all necessary parts to ensure your system is in top working order.
  • Heating systems are designed to last a long time but they will only do so if they receive the manufacturer’s recommended preventative maintenance. The small fall maintenance fee enables you to avoid many future breakdowns and expensive repairs.
  • If you have an outdoor unit—be sure to keep it completely clear of all leaves, twigs, and other debris at least two feet from all sides of the unit. More space around the unit is preferred. This is required for proper operation.

Fall maintenance on your heating system prevents future problems, detects any issues early so they can be addressed, and ensures a warm, comfortable home for you and your family this winter.

Please call Energy Wise Heating & AC Inc. at 540.341.7622 to schedule fall maintenance for your heating system. We look forward to being of service to you!